More Than Just a Concreter

You may think I’m a little strange, but I love concrete.  I am a qualified and experienced draftsman and concreter – and love to design and build beautiful driveways, pathways, pool John Nisasurrounds, floors and concrete slabs for my clients.

For me,  the whole process from conception to finish is similar to creating a work of art.  Well designed and executed concrete can add substantial aesthetic appeal and value to your home.

Step 1 – We Create Your Design

We look over the area you want finished, measure it up, show you a range of ideas, draw up a design and give you a detailed quote.  We’ll help you choose the right colour, texture and pattern to suit the effect you’re after.

Step 2 – We Schedule the Work

We work in with you or your builder or landscaper to schedule the pour for a time which is convenient for all.

Step 3 – We Get It Done

This is the fun part!  Our team get’s stuck in using our considerable skills and experience to create your concrete work of art for your home.

Step 4 – Quality Control Check and Approval

It’s very important that the final product complies with the building code and standards and that you are delighted with the result.  We take extra care to double check all the little things which can affect the end result – like product quality, product mix, weather, debris, operator techniques, etc. If you’re not happy, neither are we.

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