How to Choose Concrete Colour

Did you know that there are more concrete colours to choose from than just white and grey?  Coloured concrete can add beautiful contrast and drama to your landscape design.  Painting it is one option, but it will wear off and need to be reapplied.  Painting can also make the concrete surface slippery.

The best way to choose the right colour is to ask us to show you samples at your property so you can see for yourself which colours are going to suit and give the best effect.  Adding the right colour can add value to your property.

Color is added to concrete bycoloured concrete

  • adding pigments before or after concrete is in place using white cement rather than conventional gray cement
  • by using chemical stains
  • or by exposing colorful aggregates at the surface.

Once the colour is in the concrete, we can also add geometric patterns to resemble stone, brick or tile paving.

Special techniques are available to make concrete slip-resistant and sparkling.

At Inspire Concrete we can provide over 15 interesting concrete colours for you to choose from.  Contact us today to arrange to see some samples and an obligation free quote.

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