Different Types of Concrete Finishes

Some of the reasons concrete need a specified finish is to provide foot and vehicle grip for pathways and driveways. A smooth pathway when wet can be slippery and dangerous, almost like walking on tiles.

In other cases where you may need a floor that must stay clean and easy to keep clean such as an outdoor dining/ kitchen area or garage, a smooth trowel or machine finish is the best option. Dirt will not stick as easily to a smooth surface as it would to a textured finish like a cove or broom.

After concrete has been placed there are different types of concrete finishes that can be applied depending on the intended use. These concrete finishes are:

CoveConcrete cove finish

A semi-rough textured finish that look like swirls and figure 8 when applied. A common finish to driveways, pathways, outdoor entertainment areas and swimming pool walkways.

Wood Float

A similar look to the cove with the swirls and figure 8 only alot more coarse. Rarely used except on heavy sloped driveways for added grip and longer wear and tear. Also great for under tiles to provide added grip for a sand and cement bed.

BroomConcrete broom finish

A simple finish using a broom but gives a clean and smart finish and look. Great thing about having a broom finish is that you get a uniform look.

Steel TrowelSmooth concrete finish

Small concrete areas a steel trowelled by hand a number of times to give a smooth surface. Great for areas that need to be easy to maintain like garages and outdoor kitchen areas.

Machine Trowel

A machine trowel gives a smoother finish then a hand trowel and covers larger areas. It also hardens and seals the surface making it almost resistant to chipping and breaks. Great for house slabs and garages.

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2 Responses to Different Types of Concrete Finishes

  1. robert buchan aia csi February 28, 2015 at 5:22 pm #

    Hi John, thank you for nice simple well-illustrated examples that I have been able to use to explain the difference between a float & a trowel without just waving my arms around!
    …. where in the USA do you work exactly?

  2. Kairi Gainsborough February 18, 2017 at 12:42 am #

    Thanks for explaining what tools are used to get different finishes on a concrete surface. I never realized that smooth surfaces are created using a trowel, while textured surfaces need other tools. A machine trowel sounds like a very useful tool to have if you need to cover more ground. It makes sense that it would be perfect for a garage floor. The smooth finish would make it easier to clean up dirt and spills that you would typically see in a garage.

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