Concrete Services

Concrete Foundation and Structure

beautifulconcreteBeing the first and most important structure of a building, the foundation must be designed correctly to meet the proposed use and comply with industry standards.

We pour slabs that are safe, long lasting and code compliant.  We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure  is that the slab is laid in the right position with the correct levels to the correct measurements.

Having experience in both designing and drafting of concrete slabs to its setting out and construction, I have the skills and experience  to deliver a finished product that meets engineering requirements and my client’s expectations.


drivewaySmallWhen you think of a concrete driveway you think strong and durable.  But these days, with a huge range of design options available, they can also be beautiful and a real feature of your property.

In many cases the driveway is the first thing people see when they approach your property.  So your driveway needs to make a good impression!

There are many decorative finishes available to suit all types of ideas and inspirations, including

  • stamped  or stenciled
  • plain or colored concrete
  • exposed aggregate or stained

. . . or a mixture of your choice.

We help our clients choose the right design and decorative finish to complement their home and landscaping.


pathwayA well designed concrete pathway subtly leads the walker to the destination. It should be inviting, safe and without harsh curves or corners, so it can be navigated with ease by children, the elderly, prams, unsteady feet and perhaps mobility devices.

The colour and finish can either complement or contrast the aesthetics of the destination (eg: house).
We will help design the right layout, angles, slopes and finish with you to achieve the best result for your property. We’ll add steps and expansion joints if needed, create accurate formwork and ensure it’s finished smoothly.